Services & Specialties

Poorly handled insurance can have disastrous consequences.  We help our clients plug coverage gaps and obtain the most competitive pricing on insurance.  We also implement other risk management techniques when they will work better than insurance.  We provide our clients with the objective expertise they need to make informed decisions to solve insurance-related problems.

Following are a few of our most frequently requested services.


 The Service  The Benefit to Our Clients
 Audit the client’s risk exposures and insurance program  Exposes uncovered risks and uncompetitive premiums.  Recommends ways to reduce claims so that the client can reduce costs  Determines when there are better solutions than purchasing insurance
 Prepare specifications for an insurance bidding  Ensures that the client is provided the most desirable coverages and that all insurers are providing quotations on the same basis so that the client can make informed decisions
 Manage the insurance bidding process  Referees the bidding so that the client can obtain the best quotation and the brokers work for the client’s best interest
 Analyze proposals and recommend the best program  Frees the client of this time consuming, conflict ridden and maddeningly complex task
 Analyze self-insurance options  Determines if a captives, pool, high deductible or other self-insurance program is advantageous
 Review insurance programs for possible mergers and acquisitions  Determines if the insurance and risk management program of a possible merger/acquisition target exposes the client to hidden liabilities